The term “premature ejaculation”

describes a phenomenon that occurs when ejaculations do not happen as quickly as a man or his partner would like. Masters and Johnson define it as “the inability to control ejaculation after a male or female partner has been satisfied for more than 50 coital episodes, provided he or she is not anorgasmic.

Regardless of whether premature ejaculation is of psychological or biological origin, there are medications and therapeutics that delay ejaculation as a sexual technique, which can improve sexual satisfaction and intimacy. There are a number of techniques and methods that men can try during sex that can help with premature orgasmic symptoms, as well as the effects of medications or therapeutic. Premature ejaculation is called “a condition in which the inability to delay or even the failure to ejaculate sufficiently to make sexual intercourse possible manifests itself in the form of a lack of orgasm or delay in ejaculation sufficient for you to enjoy sexual intercourse. Don’t forget that there’s also men’s sexual health supplements in Malaysia that will help you perform better.

It can also help a man to recognize the sensation

of an orgasm and learn how to control it. When the man and his partner are about to ejaculate, they can stimulate the penis with their hands and / or fingers during orgasm.

After masturbation, the penis becomes desensitized and it takes longer to reach ejaculation when a second erection is achieved. A technique that is normally pursued by men with PE is to have sexual thoughts during masturbation in order to divert their attention and consequently inhibit ejaculations. After the erection has partially disappeared, you can squeeze the shaft of your penis with your hands.

This has happened to me, and usually self-help techniques do not solve the problem, but it can happen with a little effort and good luck, especially for men with PE.

Foreplay should precede penetration itself and make it the most important part of the sexual experience, not just the beginning.

It is possible to distinguish between two different techniques for delaying ejaculation during intercourse: the squeeze technique and the stop-start technique. While the first method involves squeezing the penis to reduce the urge to ejaculate, the second technique involves stopping sex and reducing stimulation to achieve the same goal. This includes both squeeze techniques and stop-start techniques that allow men to delay climax and prolong sexual intercourse, according to the American Academy of Sexual Medicine.

However, men who suffer from premature ejaculation and do not have significant success with these behavioral techniques typically combine these methods with medical treatment. Practicing delaying ejaculation can prove challenging for many, but over time you should be able to build control during sex without stopping.

Therapies that desensitize with topical or local anesthetics can also be useful for men with premature ejaculation. Creams and sprays containing prilocaine, lidocaine and other numbing substances are applied to the penis during sexual intercourse to reduce the sensation.

In patients with premature ejaculation associated with erectile dysfunction and depression, antidepressants and SSRI side effects have the added benefit of potentially alleviating premature orgasmic symptoms and possibly even alleviating premature masturbation. In patients with premature semen loss due to depression or depression and / or premature sperm, medications with minimal adverse sexual effects should be considered to avoid delayed ejaculation or even anorgasmia. Premature ejaculate related erectile dysfunction can be resolved if erectile dysfunction is successfully treated.

If the ejaculation occurs too quickly and out of control, the sexual act cannot be completed in time. The phase of sexual arousal can be too short, characterized by too little time between the first and second orgasm to allow the man to have sexual intercourse.

Sometimes the easiest way to prolong the time between ejaculations is simply to masturbate just before sex. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this method, many men have discovered masturbation shortly after sex as an effective way not only to delay orgasm, but also to stop premature ejaculation, although it was not surprising for researchers to find a group of subjects willing to participate. The idea behind this approach is that when a recovery period occurs between orgasms, most men will be able to reach orgasm again.

But if it happens too often, rapid ejaculation can be a major setback for a man’s sexual self-esteem. As a result, ejaculation can cause depression, anxiety and even suicide attempts, as well as a host of other problems.

In order to find a solution and regain self-confidence in the bedroom, a growing number of men prefer treatments with premature ejaculation. In fact, the market is laden with non-artificial substances that are said to act as a natural “pill against premature ejaculation.” Many men who strive to deal with rapid orgasm by means of premature – ejaculate pills choose natural remedies.