Incorporate indoor lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design, and a lot of homeowners don’t realize its importance. Plan carefully where to put every single light, socket and switch before decorating. Then, familiarize yourself with accent lighting, mood lighting, overhead lighting and task lighting.

Use Dark Colors

Don’t hesitate to embrace the dark side of your space. Paint the walls in rich, deep hues in order to come up with a cozy, irresistible scheme that completely draws in visitors. Include lots of layered lighting. If you are totally clueless about colors, feel free to reach out to an interior design firm in Malaysia.

Nature-Inspired Designs

There is no need for you to spend long hours browsing through beautiful interior design images to find your own dream design. You can actually find inspiration anywhere you are. Look at the soothing textures of beach pebbles, as well as the entire coastal landscape. You can use these elements as inspirations in designing your home.

Explore Different Patterns

Combining various patterns can be tricky. For it to be effective, you need to choose patterns of similar colors, or same exact patterns, though in varying scales.

Dining room dimension Measurements

It’s quite true that most homeowners don’t give too much focus on their dining tables. Remember that dining table measurements are highly important–you wouldn’t want to bump elbows with your companion while eating.

Negative Spaces

Fight the urge to fill each shelf and wall. If you do this, your room will appear so cluttered. Leave a few vacant areas to deliver a much better sense of space.